Why not becoming a scammer by yourself

Why not simply become a scammer yourself ?

Expensive cars, expensive watches, five star hotels and a ton of money, that’s the life of a successful scammer.

So why not become a scammer myself ?
Hand up who has not yet thought about it, admittedly I am one of the people who have to raise their hand (shame on me)

But there is so much more to the life of an fraudster than just lifestyle, because behind every successful scam is a lot of work and, as everywhere else, luck.

Most scammers we have met and are pursuing are very smart people (that’s a fact and not praise). Even if they are not among the most intelligent people in the world, they still have a talent for organizing people and getting them under their spell.

The other thing you have to keep in mind apart from the beautiful life is how to earn the money.
Because you must consider that behind your enormous profits, always also fates stand.

What do I mean by that?

Quite simply, it’s not as if you go to the casino and put everything on zero and increase your money.
It’s more like taking the money you earn from others.
Simple bona fide people who want to multiply their hard-earned money just like everyone else to be able to treat themselves to one or the other beautiful thing in life.

Okay, you don’t lack intelligence or organizational skills, nor are you the most moral person, so what’s wrong with taking people away?

The punishment you will face if the law enforcement agencies are after you and catch you.
Because in addition to the long prison sentence you might have to serve not only in one country but in several countries, see Gal Barak, because once they have you you will be passed around like a joint in the circle of the various judiciaries around the world, there is also the fact that the authorities will do everything possible to get the stolen money back, and if it is not the authorities then it is private organizations like the EFRI.