BaFin issues cease and desist order against TheCapitalStocks and RoyaltyFinance

The German regulator BaFin has warned against the broker scams TheCapitalStocks (www.thecapitalstocks.com) and RoyaltyFinance (www.royaltyfinance.io) which are allegedly operated by Kleinman Enterprise Ltd in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Already in August 2020, the Italian CONSOB warned against these scams. Both are white label solutions of the Bulgarian Global CRM Solution Platform.

Spanish CNMV warns against serial broker scams

The Spanish regulator CNMV today issued investment warnings against some scam broker brands which are operated by serial scammers. They are are “Quick-and-Dirty” mutations of standard scam broker templates and apparently have been produced in the very same scam factory. All of these scams have a strong relationship into the Russian scene and deploy Russian payment processors.