Moneta International

Bruc Bond and the crumbling Israeli FinTech empire

The two Israeli FinTech entrepreneurs Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zolovsky are not having a good time right now. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, their two licensed EU e-Money Institutions Bruc Bond and International Fintech saw their licenses terminated. In the case of Bruc Bond because of systematic compliance violations and problems with money laundering. Nachum, Zoltovsky. and their various payment processors have a long track record in the scam area.

Dear Bank of Lithuania – please explain your situation with International Fintech!

According to reports by Lithuanian journalist Vakaris Deksnys, the Bank of Lithuania has terminated the license of the International FinTech UAB of Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovsky without providing a reason. It already happened in July 2020. No statement was given by the regulator on this matter as it would be necessary and required. That’s a strange approach. How can a regulated company simply disappear form an EU regulator’s list without further explanation?

Breaking News – Notorious International Fintech no longer has a Lithuanian EMI license

The International FinTech UAB of the Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovsky has no more license in Lithuania. Thus, within a few months, the two Israeli payment pundits have lost both regulated companies in Lithuania. Already in April 2020, the Bank of Lithuania withdrew the license of Bruc Bond (formerly Moneta International) due to systematic violations of the compliance guidelines and problems with money laundering. At present, it is not clear why International Fintech has also lost its license.