Global Data Conduct

BaFin – Final Cease-and-Desist order against illegal payment processor Global Data Conduct

Germany is known in the international scam and cybercrime scene for its illegal payment processors. Scammers are fond of their exceptional bank wire services. The BaFin today announced that the Cease-and-Desist order issued in July 2020 against Global Data Conduct GmbH is final and conclusive. This illegal payment processor facilitated the broker scam TradesFX (

BaFin issues cease and desist order against payment processor Global Data Conduct

The German regulator has issued a Cease and Desist Order against the illegal payment processor Global Data Conduct GmbH, a company registered in Cologne, Germany. This German company at least acted as facilitator for the broker Scam TradesFX, received bank transfers from client victims and forwarded them to the scammers. The sole managing director of the company is Anatolijs Dedenko, who lives in Düsseldorf.