Scammers and their purchased ratings

I have always wondered how gullible and greedy people must be to fall for scammers and their Internet scams.

After all, we live in such a transparent world that it often only takes a mouse click to read that online Casino “A” or Forex Trading Side “B” on various review platforms are marked as a scam and the people thus may and should know better leave the fingers.

But after my research, I have found that these rating sites on the Internet are corrupt af.
Their actual task, the critical observation and review of various betting providers, they do not come as good as at all.
On the contrary, they even advertise their competence and seriousness, and as that would not be enough, they even seduce people to go to these sites, where they offer them a code with which they get a certain starting credit.

Now everybody is asking how I came up with this and many people will think it is complete nonsense and I just want to badmouth other people.
I can only say that after I visited one of these rating platforms and saw a betting provider there that was part of an already convicted scammer, everything was clear to me.

So remember one thing, the internet is not your friend