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Consob terminats six scam broker websites

Italian Consob black-out orders increase to 340

Consob has ordered the black-out of five new websites offering financial services illegally. The regulator has the authority to order the black-out of websites that illegally offer financial services to Italian consumers. Thus Consob can order internet service providers to block access from Italy to websites offering financial services without the proper authorization.

FCA issues warning against FinTech wonder lanistar

FCA issues warning against FinTech wonder Lanistar

Lanistar is a prominent FinTech on Instagram and proudly presents young, sexy, and fashionable influencers on its website. The company was also hyped by bullish press releases from its partner MasterCard. The FinTech is aiming for a £1 billion valuation. The UJ FCA, however, has issued an investor warning against Lanistar, advising that it’s operating without authorization in the U.K.

Regulator Warnings

Broker Website Legal Entity Regulator British Bitcoin Profits not given FCA, Capital Securities S.A. FCA Mango Money Markets Digital House Group Ltd | FCA Mycoinology not given FCA 24Invest HTTPS://FINANCE-INTL.COM/ES/ CNMV Master Trading FX CNMV

FCA warns against DGXLTD broker scam

UK FCA warns against broker scam DGXLTD aka Digital Exchange Limited

The UK FCA has issued an investor warning against the broker scam DGXLTD a/k/a Digital Exchange Limited (,, Allegedly the scam is operated by Securex Plus Solutions EOOD, registered in Bulgarian. We have identified the licensed Estonian crypto exchange operator Jubiter ( operated by Jubiter Technologies OÜ as the facilitating payment processor.