UK Watchdog warns against CFD broker scam Tradebase24

The UK Regulator FCA issued an investor warning against CFD broker scam Tradebase24 on October 1, 2020. The scam is allegedly operated by Tradebase Limited, Tradebase (Europe) Limited, and/or Tradbase Group Limited under the domain Currently, as a potential victim of the scam, you can only lose your money through Bitcoins (BTC). On Trustpilot, the scam still has an average 2.9-star rating. Never trust TrustPilot, right?

We could not find the mentioned companies and doubt that they even exist. Tradebase24 is a very sloppy scam designed for very naive victims. It does not even pretend to be a serious broker. Unfortunately, it is a fact that the internet and also social media are covered by a mass of “quick-and-dirty” scams. Unfortunately, many naive investors still fall for the promises of these scammers in search of quick profits.

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