Investor warning – CryptoFX and BlueBird Options broker scams pretending to be regulated institutions

The UK Regulator FCA has issued a public investor warning against CFD broker Scam BlueBird Options which is allegedly operated by St. Vincent and the Grenadines registered Bluebird Options Limited under the domain The website claims that the company has a license from the FCA. This is nothing but a bold lie.

According to the FCA, BlueBird Options is an unauthorized firm cloning the authorized XTB Limited.

This is an unauthorised firm that uses the details of a genuine FCA-regulated firm when offering products and services. This makes the unauthorised firm appear as if it is regulated. We strongly suggest you do not deal with unauthorised firms.

FCA statement (link)

The BlueBird Options CFD scam is apparently operated by the same scammers as the CryptoFX Trade currently operated under the domain This scam also claims that the operator – in this case allegedly the St. Vincent and the Grenadines registered CryptoFX Limited – would be regulated by the FCA. Like BlueBird Options, this is also a brazen lie.

BlueBird Option and CryptoFX Trade are from the same scammer workshop and are positioned as quick-and-dirty scams for naïve investors. The only way to lose money with the scam at the moment is by transferring Bitcoins (BTC). In this respect, the scam is obviously aimed at naive owners of cryptocurrencies.

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