CONSOB blacked out another six scam brokers

The Italian regulator CONSOB blacklisted a further seven scam brokers on 3 August 2020. This means that the brokers’ websites will soon no longer be accessible for Italian customer victims. At present, the Italian watchdog is the only regulator using this sensible measure. The blocked scam brokers are:

  • DirectaFx Limited (website;
  • Gntfin LTD (website;
  • Maxi Services Ltd (website;
  • Platiniumfund Ltd (website;
  • Digital Exchange Limited and Securex Plus Solutions EOOD (website;
  • “ProConsultingInvest” (website;
  • “Tfx25” (website

The number of sites blacked out since July 2019 has thus risen to 268.

We looked at the scam broker DirectaFX. This also uses the recently noticed Polish payment processor Payments Titan ( and Otherwise, it is a typical scam from one of the many cybercrime workshops. We suspect that DirectaFX belongs to the scams around The Change Ltd and ZurixCorp.

The blocked broker scam GNTFIN once again features Praxis Cashier System Ltd (d/b/a Praxis Cashier and Praxis Pay) by the Israeli Amit Klatchko. Integrated into Praxis Cashier is the crypto payment processor Tinkbit, which is already known from other scams and is operated by the Estonian Tinkbit OÜ.

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