As of December 11, 2018, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)  has published a Request for Information (RFI) addressing several questions related to Ether and the Ethereum Network.

In the opening statement of the Request for Information (RIF)  the CFTC refers to its positive attitude to bitcoin and expresses its interest in listing more new virtual currency based futures and derivatives products. The purpose of this RFI is outlined to seek to understand similarities and distinctions between Ether and Bitcoin, as well as Ether-specific opportunities, challenges, and risks.

 The 25 questions raised in the Request of Information are quite comprehensive and range from principal questions about the technological background, details of the Ethereum market status (transactions volumes, type of traders, market participants), risks of the consensus mechanisms applied, governance, regulation questions to possible cybersecurity and custody issues.

Deadline for the responses is set with February 9, 2019. 

Within only 24 hours the Ether Community has set a centralized effort (github) to gather responses and to assure high-quality answers. At least this  will become a great place to find great information relating to Ether for all of us. 

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