That’s good news to crypto-investors and the crypto-space. The German Blockchain Bundesverband will present and discuss their ideas around crypto-regulation. They call it “Token Regulation” but we prefer the broader term “Crypto-Regulation”. We had the chance to read the paper and it really constitutes an important milestone in the crypto-space, a measure of self-regulation initiative.

On June 13th, the German Blockchain Bundesverband and FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management Berlin are organizing the public presentation and discussion of Token Regulation in the EU.

The Blockchain Bundesverband has been working on the topic of Token Regulation intensively with experts from different EU member states.. After the publication of the first general position paper in February they continue to work to address the most pressing issues of tokens in the blockchain ecosystem.

For more background information please read also the Token regulation paper where you find an analysis of the status quo of the current regulation of Token sale related matters under EU law.

Having experienced the wave of crypto-scams and poor-quality ICOs over the last couple of months, we much appreciate this regulatory progress in the crypto-space.

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